Meet Manu and the team

Restaurateur Manfred Schlegel – Manu – is the heart of Restaurant Hausman. Manu is in charge of the kitchen with over 45 years of experience. The wide experience Manu has guarantees the high quality of the food and service. Manu is passionate about offeringonly the best ingredients and wants to be able to offer memorable experiences.

Manu has seen the ups and downs of the Helsinki restaurant scene since 1980s. Manu is happy despite the ups and downs the evolution of Helsinki restaurant scene has been amazing. Manu and the family have had restaurants all around Helsinki greater area. Manu adds Töölönlahti Bay area where the restaurant is located nowadays has always felt the most like home of the family. During the busiest years Manu has been running 3 restaurants at the same time and one could say there was a plenty of things to do for the whole family. Lately it has been one of the best decisions to focus on only one restaurant. This enables the Manu and the team to provide even better experiences for the customers. On top of this there is now more time for the family. Manu is excited about the location at Töölönlahti bay and he tells the familyu was the first restaurateur at the new Töölönlahti bay area once the building of the area started. During the years the restaurant space has been moved step by step closer to the Helsinki Central Railway Station and now the location is almost next to the Railway Station yet close to the Töölönlahti bay and nature. Manu is excited about this location in particular since the location gives an opportunity to serve great German-Italy flavors to even more people.

Manu - Manfred Schlegel
Manu – Manfred Schlegel

Manu, daughter Satu Schlegel and amazing team creates a cosy atmosphere and a memorable experience for the customers. The dedication of Manu and Satu is shown as continuous high quality in the kitchen and the restaurant throughout. Manu preferes using the best ingredients possible and the food is made from the scratch onsite.

As the name Hausman resembles the menu represents German -Italy kitchen. You may find such delicacies pastas and liver the Baden way. You are always welcome to Hausman for a quick lunch or to dine and wine. The space is perfect for private events and catering services are also available. During the summer there is a beautiful terrace facing the new library.